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(And a little info about Mercyville)

I.A. Doggett

(Reprinted from The Elmer Journal, 1909)

This enterprising, wide awake gentleman is one of Elmer’s most public spirited citizens and at all times manifests a disposition to do things that will benefit the town.  Mr. Doggett is proprietor of a first class Livery business and does a large and profitable Dray business.  He is a thorough going business man who is chock full of get up and get as is  evidenced by the fine rigs and good driving stock found in his barn.  In our dealings with Mr. Doggett, we have always found him to be strictly on the square in every respect and he and his estimable wife are highly regarded by all who have the pleasure of their acquaintance.  Previous to moving to Elmer, he was engaged in the pursuits of agriculture, but selling his farm he decided to move his family to town and engage in other work, so the change was made.  An opening for the Livery business presented itself and he embraced the opportunity to enter upon this line of work and has been pre-eminently successful.  He has recently build a modern home in the city and is happily domiciled in it.  His financial interests are all in Elmer and of course he is doing all that he possibly can to upbuild the town and see it improve along correct lines.  We are glad to number among the many good people of the town I.A. Doggett and are glad that he is interested in the town and that he has a growing and successful business. 

Author's note: Macon County records show a Marriage License approved for I. A. Doggett (son of John Doggett) and Hattie Morgan (daughter of L. M. Morgan from Barnsville). The license was issued on January 19, 1894.  I. A. Doggett was less than 21 years old and Hattie Morgan was less than 18 years old, thus requiring the approval of the parents for the marriage license to be issued.