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This poem was written by Adella Smith,  wife of Larry Smith (class of '63) and was published in the Maryville Gazette on December 5, 2007, on Mrs. Cain's 94th birthday.

(And a little info about Mercyville)

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Bynumville was blessed to know her;
Elmer kids have much they owe her;
On to Callao would go her
Influence - that Wanda Cain.

Here's a teacher so inspiring
That "the best" she ws requiring
Gave her students a desiring
To be like their Mrs. Cain.

Preacher, farmer, engineer,
Pilot, teacher of the year, 
college prof, and store cashier
All give thanks for Mrs. Cain.

All Missouri's benefitting
From her strict and unremitting
Prodding to prevail, ne'er quitting -
Things kids learned from Mrs. Cain.

So her legacy is spreading
As her students keep embedding
Nuggets gleaned as they were treading
Hallways ruled by Mrs. Cain.

Breakfast topped with homemade jelly,
KFC to fill each belly,
:Smoke away" (burned pizza smelling)=
Eating's fun with Mrs. Cain.

Birthday cards bring many pleasures
When thery're sent by one who treasures
Who you are and never measures
Or compares-that's Wanda Cain.

Ev'ry knickknack has a story
Rich with sweetness or of glory
For the lady we adore, the
Ever-gracious Mrs. Cain.

Walnut furniture, bird feeders,
Fancy frames, McGuffey Readers,
Grandpa's bell and chicken breeders
Grace the tales of Mrs. Cain.

So if ever you should meet her,
Give a big hug when you greet her,
For there is no lady sweeter
Than our Mrs. Wanda Cain.

Thanks to Wanda Cain

If you want an awesome teacher
Who looks out for every creature,
There's just one whom I can feature:
It's our Mrs. Wanda Cain

Study hall, P.E., homemaking
Any subject kids were taking-
In their boots, you'd find them shaking
If they crossed our Mrs. Cain.

Carpenter, computer tech fan
Poet, plus business exec man
Had their tests and papers checked and
Graded by their Mrs. Cain.

Teaching English, math, and reading;
In her garden planting, weeding;
In her kitchen cooking, feeding;
None can match our Wanda Cain.

Some have moved across the nation, 
Carrying the strong foundation
Laid with highest expectation
By our stalward Mrs. Cain.

Ninety-four and she's still going
Seeds of kindness always sowing,
Blessings on her friends bestowing-
That's the way of Wanda Cain.

Eastern Star and senior lunches,
Good-bye parties, dinners, brunches-
Everything she plans, my hunch is
It's done well by Wanda Cain.

She has many a collection
Causing tender retrospection
Laced with memory-stirred affection
Bringing smiles to Mrs. Cain.

Cats and clocks and plates, white roses,
Cards and photographs with poses,
Tedddy pillow (great for dozes)
All belong to Mrs. Cain.

What an awesome human being!
That's a fact I'm guaranteeing,
And I'm sure you'll be agreeing
When you know our Wanda Cain..