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About This Site

When tracing my genealogical past, I always enjoyed finding snippets of history or stories that involved my ancestors. Iā€™m hopeful that these stories/biographic snippets will add to your genealogical journey.  If you have information about Elmer and/or its past residents that you think might be of interest to others, please forward it to me at and I'll  add it as time permits.


The information on this website has been compiled from various documents (most quite old) to simply reminisce or perhaps help with your genealogical research if you had family from Elmer.  In many cases, you will find that strange punctuation, spelling and/or grammatical oddities are common, especially by today's standards. However the information is copied exactly as it was presented in the original document.  Publications used for this research include:

        Elmer Journal, Christmas Edition, Osbourne Brothers, 1909
History of Macon County, Henry Taylor & Company, 1910
History of Randolph and Macon Counties, O. P. Williams & Co, 1884
History of Northeast Missouri, Lewis Publishing Co., 1913
        Elmer Community History, 1976
        Elmer Centennial, Published by the Elmer Centennial Committee, 1987
        Kirksville, D. Craig Asbury, The National Publishing Company, 2012

(NOTE: If a publication above is underlined, you can click on it to view the entire document online.)

(And a little info about Mercyville)