Alpha Deane Moody of Elmer Thinks Journalism Splendid Calling

(Reprinted from The Macon Republican, Macon, Missouri, Jan. 13, 1912)
Miss Alpha Deane Moody, a young woman who had been doing editorial work on a daily in Newton, Iowa, has been appointed editor and business manager of the Elmer Journal in Macon County. The Journal is owned by a company of business men and is an old established newspaper.
Miss Moody has had considerable experience within the past six years, having been employed on papers in Missouri, Kansas and Iowa. There were several male applicants for the position, but the owners, after investigating them all, awarded the position to the young woman.
Elmer is on the main line of the Santa Fe and the southern terminus of the Iowa and St. Louis road. It is the only town in this section of the state where there is a consolidated school.
Miss Moody is a pleasant young woman with musical as well as newspaper ambition. She has cleaned out the old office, put up a brand new towel, curtains at the windows and has made the place one of the most homelike and attractive workshops in the county.
In her introductory in the Journal last week, Miss Moody wrote, “In assuming the editorship of the Journal, it is our purpose to elevate the standing of the community, to exploit the virtue of our people and to furnish our readers with good wholesome news.
“We will endeavor to merit the esteem of every citizen and trust that a feeling of good will and friendship will spread itself throughout our town.
“Next to the church, our endeavor will be to bring our institution in close touch with everyone and by a united effort, we will have a larger and better Elmer.
“Since taking charge of the Journal, we have had so many kind expressions of encouragement that we feel very enthusiastic over our work and predict a very successful year.
“The business men have been very liberal for this the first issue and we feel grateful indeed for their consideration.
“We want the Journal to welcome visitor in every home, and from the encouragement we have received we believe we will have the support of every business interest in our city.
“We trust that not one of the old subscribers will drop from our list bur that we may in a short time have the largest subscription the Journal has ever known.
“We wish each of you the happiest year of your lives.”
One of the stockholders of the Journal in speaking of the new editor said, “We unanimously decided to secure Miss Moody as our editor and manager for the reason that we believe she will make good. We have watched her career here and in other states and have found that she has given entire satisfaction wherever she has been employed. The merchants will patronize the Journal better now than they ever did before, and I am certain that the paper’s circulation will grow rapidly.”
In talking of her newspaper work, Miss Moody said “I think it is splendid to run a newspaper. I have always liked the work. To my way of thinking, there is only one superior calling and that is music. I intend some of these days to finish my musical education unless the newspaper business grows on me so that I keep that as my first choice. There is lots of hard work in the business, but that makes it all the more attractive.”

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