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Andy Lene

 (Reprinted from The Elmer Journal, 1909)

One of the most capable and successful Restaurant and Fruit men in North Missouri is a no less personage than Aney Lene of this city.  Mr. Lene came to this country several years ago and had practically nothing when he landed.  Today he has plenty, owns a splendid brick business building and has it stocked with the best goods that money can buy.  He is an example of energetic thrift and one who hustles for business early and late, in fact he gets there with both feet so to speak.  He first entered the Restaurant business in Elmer in the year of 1902 but sold the samt to L. L. Newenham a short time afterwards. During the ten months following he build a handsome brick business building and went into the Restaurant business for the second time and again sold after two years to Wm. Griffin and about this time he traded for a farm but in 1908 he bought a stock of goods of Tom Banning and again engaged in business.  Since he last bought he has doubled his stock and now enjoys a large and constantly growing trade.  

He is an expert in buying and handling fruit and confectionery and always keeps on hand an excellent line of these goods.  If you go into Andy's place you are accorded nice treatment and always get what you call for.  The store room is large, well lighted and goods tastefully displayed with a long counter at which he serves lunches, while over on one side he has several tables at which he serves meals.  Mr. Lene is a good citizen and believes in the forward mevement in all public affairs and practices just what he preaches.  In 1897 he was married to Miss Christiana Henry who is a highly respected lady and well liked by a large circle of friends of whom she has wcores among the young people.  

When a man elects to become something in this old world of ours he can do it if he wants to.  Honesty in business methods has helped many a man to the front and Mr. Lene is only one example of many who have forced themselves to the front by determination to be just to his fellow man.  Today he has plenty and is well prepared to live among men without fear of want or penury for his old age.