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Bell Cemetery History and Interments

(History is reprinted from the Elmer Centenniel, 1887-1987)

The Bell Cemetery is located three and one half miles northwest of Elmer and originated around the year of 1862. Down through the years, the cemetery was cared for by various people, including Minnie and T.L. Freed.

In June of 1955, a board of directors was elected and the first association meeting was held in 1956 with Hazel Gunnels as President and Bea Nichols as Secretary/Treasurer. Some of the early board members were Ernest Gunnels, Orval Bane, Harry Fletcher, Archie Helton, Carl Magers and Russell Knotts. Russell Knotts has served on the board since 1960. Anna Belle Koger is president.

The Bell Cemetery interments (listed seperately) were obtained from the Find a Grave website. You can visit this site and get information about interments in many US cemeteries. Information found there mayinclude parents, children, picture of the tombstone, obituary, pictures of the person and more. The number you see behind the names is a reference used by the site for quicker searches. Click here to see the list of Bell Cemetery interments.

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