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Bunce School

Little information is available regarding the Bunce School. Newspaper articles indicate that it was in operation at least as early as 1872. The pictures beloware the only artifacts of record. The building no longer exists, but would have been located at approximately 18000 Exodus Place, Elmer, Missouri.  The school officially closed sometime between 1945 and 1952 and was absorbed by the Elmer Consolidated School District. The schoolhouse and all outbuildings were sold at auction on March 1, 1952.

An incomplete list of teachers at the school include:

  • ​1881, H. B. Shain
  • 1894, Sarah Newkirk
  • 1896, F. W. Beaty
  • 1906, Lewis Baker
  • ​1907, Miss Sweetland
  • 1910, Dita Boring
  • ​1915, Lizzie Cherry
  • 1920, Bertha Simens
  • 1923, Freda Irwin
  • ​1924-1928, Raymond Wood
  • 1928, Ira Kisor
  • 1929, Iris Epperson
  • ​1931, Eula Hawkins
  • 1932-1934, Lawrence Redmon
  • 1935-1936, Dorthy Richardson (Stull)
  • 1937, Louise Lile Williams
  • 1938-1940, Luella Atterbery
  • ​1945, Madge Franks

​In 1900, Mrs. R. Dever was elected Superintendent and Charles Ross was elected as assistant. Mrs. Henry Bergman was elected as president in 1939.

Bunce School #32, circa 1910, Dita Boring, teacher

Bunce School circa 1925

Front row (l to r): Ross Burns, ?, Edwin Mott, Lawrence Redma, ? Fred Burns, Jr.

Middle row: Lowell Miller, John Bell, Roy Bell, Lee Pollock, Raymond Keyte, xx Epperson, xx           Epperson, Leola Ratcliff.

Back Row: Ted Koger, Arnold Bell, Forest Mott, xx Epperson, Orval Ratcliff, ?, ?