C.O. Drake

(Reprinted from The Elmer Journal, 1909)

Son of J. Drake and wife was born July 31, 1873.  Mr. Drake entered upon a mercantile career with his father under the style of J. Drake & Son and at his father’s death succeeded the old firm and has carried on the business ever  since at the same old stand, by close attention to business Mr. Drake has built up a fine trade which he enjoys at present, having been schooled in the mercantile business for many years he has thoroughly learned the ins and outs of the same and has mastered that most difficult phase of the business; that is, knowing when to buy, what to buy, and how to buy and by universal courtesy has been successful in holding and adding to a trade which extends over a wide reach of territory.  He was married to Miss Sadie Green, daughter of W.T. Green and wife of Goldsberry, Missouri on July 14, 1897.  To this union there has been born two children, a boy and a girl.  Mrs. Drake is a splendid help mate to her husband and is one of those kind hearted, pleasant ladies whom everyone likes to meet, modest and unassuming; a nice lady in every respect. 

Mr. Drake has a large well selected stock of Dry goods, Shoes, Notions, and Gents furnishings, also a very select stock of Groceries which are admirable handled, the stock is second in size in Elmer.  The proprietor of this business is at present serving as one of the Aldermen of the city and is methodical and practical in his views concerning public affairs and is regarded as a safe man generally, while Mr. Drake is a man that does not say much yet his views on any public utility have weight with now only his colleagues but also with other men of affairs.  He is at all times public spirited and likes to see push and enterprise manifested in public affairs as well as in private which speaks well of him as a citizen.  Every town needs just such men as C.O. Drake because they are the kind that help to do things and it is a matter of fact that the more of them the better the town as all small towns require push and tireless energy to make the wheels go.  The JOURNAL is proud to know that Elmer has a great many of them among the number is the subject of this sketch. 

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