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(And a little info about Mercyville)

​​Early Elmer Businesses

Elmer Creamery Co     Elmer Exchange Bank     Elmer Telephone Co
Elmer Hotels                  Mixon Drug & Furniture   Elmer Lumber Co
 Elmer Opera House      Elmer Post Office              Elmer Barber Shops
Agee Brothers Painting

A Location Finder for Elmer's Early Businesses

Remembrances about Elmer's Businesses

I've been working on the Railroad
Mr. Rado Almond               Stella Baker              W. H. Buck        
Claude Cochran                  Evan Lynch                Henry Moore
Bill Ross                                Anna Tate                    Pat Wigel
George Wilhite                      
Ben Blackledge

Business Ads from the 1909 Christmas Edition of the Elmer Journal
   J. J. Barron's Meat Market                 C. O. Drake (The Little Store)
Elmer Lumber Company                    Andy Lene Grocery
Elmer Hotel                                           J. C. Patterson - Notary Public
 J. W. Gunnels Dry Goods                    F. H. Newton, M.D.
Perry's Harness Shop