(And a little info about Mercyville)

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Early History

In The Beginning
Pre-Mercyville History 
A Sketch of Mercyville
Mercyville's Misfortune=Elmer's Gain
Railroad Causes Mercyville to Split 
Growth Came Quickly for Elmer
Family Businesses = Elmer’s Success 
Elmer and the Civil War
Elmer - A Social Hub
 Plat Map of Elmer
Elmer Becomes a City
Great Bank Robbery of Elmer
Elmer's Famous Baseball Team
 Elmer's First Author
Gold Discovered near Mercyville
 Elmer's Earliest Soldier
Jesse and Frank James - in Elmer?
Elmer's First Concert Band
New Water System Upgrades Elmer
Elmer's Corn Shucking Champion
1897 Plat Map of Macon County
War Hero from Elmer
1913 Old Settlers Reunion Event

                                                                   Elmer - Leader in Equal Opportunity

                                                                       Elmer's Newspaper (1906-1922)