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Early History and Teachers

I’ve located a copy of the 1922 school yearbook (called The Blue Jay) which gives a little history about the school. In the early years, the school only offered classes through the tenth grade. In the advertising section of The Blue Jay, there is an ad from the LaPlata High School imploring the students to go to LaPlata for grades 11 and 12. It appears that in the Elmer school, there were only four teachers utilized. At least this is true up to and including the 1921-1922 school year.  The principal apparently taught grades 9 and 10.  Room 1 taught grades 2 and 5, room 2 taught grades 3 and 4 and room 3 taught grades 6, 7, and 8. Schooling before the second grade was called the primary department. In 1921-2, this section was taught by Mrs. Willard (Lula) Gunnels. The list of teachers provided in The Blue Jay did not include a teacher for the Primary Department. Additionally, for the 1913-1914 school year, an assistant principal was listed, but this was not done for any of the other years.

Interestingly, the list of graduating sophomores shown in The Blue Jay differs from the list of graduating students shown in the publication Elmer Community History 1976.The sophomore class listed in The Blue Jay is shown in the latter publication as "graduating" from the Elmer School in 1924.  Since The Blue Jay is the official yearbook for the Elmer School System in 1921-22, I presume we must conclude that the sophomore (graduating) class listed there is correct. 

 YEAR               PRINCIPAL                   ROOM 1                   ROOM 2                   ROOM 3

1905-1906        Albert F. Smith        Mrs. Maud Saul            Ethel Shumaker        Caroline Wolf

1906-1907        Albert F. Smith        Lizzie Parry                   Ethel Shumaker        Caroline Wolf

1907-1908        O. A. Hutton           Myrtle Shumaker           Lizzie Parry               Minnie Reed

1908-1909        O. A. Hutton           Myrtle Shumaker           Caroline Wolf           Ethel Shumaker

1909-1910        J. W. Finnell            Myrtle Shumaker          Ethel Shumaker        Ora Epperson

1910-1911        S. B. McCullem        Violet Lane                      Lena Creamer            Lillian Johnson

1911-1912        J. S. McKinzie          Myrtle Shumaker           Ilo Nichols                  Birdie Newmyre

1912-1913       F. D. Manning          Myrtle Shumaker           Ilo Nichols                  W. S. Salyer

1913-1914       A.L. Prosser              Mazie Lawrence              Nellie Phillips            W. S. Salyer

                        Asst. Principal          Ethel Shumaker

1914-1915       T. D. Glaze                Mazie Lawrence              Nell Minor                 Virginia Trower

1915-1916       John Neff                  Grace Webber                  Nell Minor                 Virginia Trower

1916-1917       G. E. Estes                Grace Webber                  Nell Minor                  Virginia Trower

1917-1918       G. E. Estes                Grace Webber                  Nell Minor                  Anna Saunders

1918-1919       Mary A. Lawrence  Velma Gunnels                Lora Murry                Jewell Newmyre

1919-1920       John E. Farmer      Velma Gunnels                Lora Murry                Adah Hawk

1920-1921       W. T. Green            Fay Dudley                        Lora Murry                Adah Hawk

1921-1922       R. J. Westfall          Mrs. Eutopia Bailey*      Mrs. Lora Smith       Otha Bergman

Note- Eutopia (Mrs. Edgar) Bailey was forced to retire during the school year due to health reasons. While I can’t confirm it, it appears that she was replaced by H. B. Patterson.

(And a little info about Mercyville)