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(And a little info about Mercyville)

Vote on the creation of the Elmer Consolidated School District No. 1

The citizens of Elmer, Mercyville and a part of the Gunnels School District voted Tuesday on a proposition to consolidate the three districts into one and to build a large and well equipped school building midway between Elmer and Mercyville. The vote was as follows:

                                                For                  Against
Elmer                                      58                         3
Mercyville                              16                        16
Gunnels                                  16                         8 

There will probably be an appeal from the Mercyville district, where the tie vote was cast. The other course is to refer the matter to the county school superintendent, and he appoints four disinterested men, tax payers, who with himself will constitute a board of arbitration to decide whether the consolidation shall take pace or not. The arbitrators have to make their finding within 15 days after the election, and their decision is final. 

The people of the districts interested are pioneers in the consolidated school movement in Macon County, and if they erect a nice, commodious building, it will not be long before other districts follow their lead, and the result will be a betterment of the public school system of the county.

            Reprinted from The Macon Republican, April 9, 1904 

Author’s note: It is not known whether or not the Mercyville district contested the vote, but the consolidation did happen and was one of the first consolidations in the state. This marked the beginning of the demise of the smaller country schools. However, many continued to survive well into the 1950’s.

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