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Elmer Hotels

(Reprinted from The Elmer JOURNAL, 1910)

The little city, situated on two good railroads, namely the A.T.&S.F and the I.& St. L. can safely lay claim to the best hotel service offered to the travelling public of any town this size in North Missouri.  When you step off the train, posters are there to extend a greeting and respectfully request to conduct you to places where anyone can rest assured of the fact that Dame Fortune has played an important part concerning their welfare.  Mrs. Ward is the proprietor of what is known as the Up-to-Date Hotel, which is a neat two-story brick building, the architecture is pleasing to the eye and furnished in a very tasteful manner.  This hotel is a credit to towns many times larger and Mrs. Ward is to be congratulated for conducting such a place for travelers.  

Mrs. Boyd is the landlady at the Hotel Elmer, which is a nice two story building furnished in a way that meets the approval of all who go there.  Mrs. Boyd is deserving of the patronage of the travelling public.