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Elmer Lumber Company

(Reprinted from The Elmer JOURNAL, 1910)

 - W. M. Agee and Luke P. Atteberry are the enterprising gentlemen who cater to the Lumber trade in this vicinity.  These men started with a small stock and by careful and conservative business methods have built up an excellent lumber trade during their short career in this business at this place. Every one dealing with this firm has always received the most courteous, fair and square treatment as they could expect from a dealer.  Both men are live, wide awake, good natured fellows, which accounts largely for their wonderful growth in business, as they own and control one of the largest and most complete lines of lumber and building material that will not be found in cities many times larger than our little city.  Messers Agee and Atteberry are both Christian gentlemen with highly respected families.  They certainly deserve the lumber patronage of Elmer and neighboring territories.