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(And a little info about Mercyville)

July 13, 1889
August 10, 1894
July 1, 1897
October 31, 1903
June 11, 1914
January 28, 1919
July 23, 1921
January 23, 1924
November 7, 1933
January 16, 1941
July 17, 1947
March 18, 1948
June 10, 1040
November 10, 1973
February 14, 1986

James L. Miller
Thomas I. Murry
Lizzie Surbeck
Thomas W. McDavitt
William S. Salyer
Madison Grace
Della M. Davidson
Ralph Johnson
James A. Parrett
W. Donald Dale
Mrs. Margaret Dale (acting)
Nellie Johnson
Daphne Howerton
Mary Vanlue
Ione Baker

Elmer Post Office

The Mercyville Post Office was moved to Elmer in 1889. Since about 1933, the office has been located in what was once the Elmer Exchange Bank. In 1949, the building belonged to James C. Gilbreath. A doctor's office was located in the rear. In 1955, the building was sold to Newton Haney and an apartment was made in the rear. O. B. Davison became the owner in 1960. The office was remodeled and lock boxes were installed. A restroom was added in 1974. At present (1976). the building is owned by Alma Armstrong and the St. Clair family. In 1980, the operation was moved to a new building that had previously been used as a rural clinic in the town.

The following have been postmasters:


Rural Carriers have been John Urkart, Conn Stockman, Cellas Hays, Fred Perkins, Lee Hunsaker, George Meeks, Henry Howerton, and Arthur Parrett.  Substitute carriers include Mrs. Fred Perkins, Earnest Bailey, Daphne Howerton, Wendell Mathis and Stephen Gunnels. Clerks for the office include Dorothy Green, Nellie Johnson, Janet Easley and Mary Vanlue.

During the twenties, the Elmer Post Office was changed from a fourth class office to third class. In 1940, it ws returned to fourth class, but became a third class office again in 1941.  In 1973, Mary Vanlue was appointed postmaster: Kenneth Elliott, rural carrier; Clerk, Joy Coffman, and substitute carrier, Manford Rhoades.  Star Route carriers from Elmer have been William Overstreet and Larry Overstreet, with Ronald Spencer and Manford Rhoades substitute carriers. At present the Star Rounte carrier is from Kirksville, Missouri.