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Elmer’s Earliest Soldier

Elmer’s earliest soldier is undoubtedly James Howell, buried in the Shirley Cemetery near Elmer.  James fought in the Revolutionary War. He served as a private in Captain Thomas Will’s Company, 15th Virginia Regiment of foot, commanded by Major Gusstove B. Wallace.  The 15th Virginia Regiment was raised on December 28, 1775 in eastern, Virginia for service with the Continental Army. The regiment would see action at the Battle of Brandywine, Battle of Germantown, Battle of Monmouth and the Siege of Charleston. Most of the regiment was captured at Charlestown, South Carolina on May 12, 1780 by the British. It is not known if James was among the captives.

James Howell was born in 1744 in Virginia.  Around 1763, he married Martha Denny.  James and Martha moved from Virginia to Kentucky sometime after their first son John was born, about 1790.  They lived in Barren County, Kentucky for nearly 50 years.  Martha died in 1836.  About 1841, John moved to Illinois with other members of the family.  It seems that he almost immediately moved on to Missouri (about 1842) to live with his daughter Nancy Cook (who had married his son John).  It appears that his youngest son James Pinson Howell and his family also moved into Missouri with James,  James and Martha had at least 7 children.

James died in 1844 at the age of 100 years.  He is buried in the Shirley Cemetery near Elmer.

(Information obtain from various internet sources by John Mathis)