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Elmer Telephone Company

(Reprinted from The Elmer JOURNAL, 1910)

It isn't every city of the fourth class that enjoys first class Telephone service but Elmer is an exception to this rule.  Through the enterprise of Messers. Rogers and Huffman, the city has one of the best equipped phone services in North Missouri.  These gentlemen have personal charge of the business and reside in Elmer where they are in touch with their subscribers all the time.  They furnish exchange with all the neighboring towns and have 150 subscribers who pay from $1.00 to $1.50 per month for phone service.  The lines operated by these gentlemen are all strung on good cedar poles and are kept up to the highest tension all the time in order that the service may be as near perfect as has been devised. Both parties are telephone men and understand the business in all its intracacies.  

 In the central office, the latest devised switchboard is found with a nice

sweet tempered "Hello Girl" to answer all calls and this is exactly where

they are wise as good-natured courtesy is in demand by the public.  

Another strong feature about this system is whenever your phone is

outof touch one of the above named gentlemen is on hand to remedy

the wrong and put you right in line with central.  There is no dilly-

dallying about it, its all business from Alpha to Omega.  That's the

way they are built and that's the reason why the system pleases its

ubscribers.  Another feature about the whole thing is that the proprietors

try to please and the best service is none too good for those who are

hung up on the Rogers-Huffman line.  They are reliable and are not s

atisfied by good enough.  It's better all the time with them or nothing doing until all is made exactly OK.  

Elmer people are satisfied with this excellent service and realize that when Messers. Rogers and Huffman received the franchise, that it was placed in worthy hands.  There is no complaint in this town about telephone service and if the systems keeps on developing, we look for copper circuits complete to be put in which will make it as near perfect as has ever been devised by man up-to-date.  In the meantime, we may rest assured that any thing that will help to improve the Elmer telephone system will be adopted and put on the circuits by these enterprising men.

Original Elmer Phone Exchange