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Elmer Worthwhile Club (1928-1962)

In the fall of 1928, the Elmer Worthwhile Club was organized by five ladies (Mrs. Ida Tate, Mrs. Zora Tate, Mrs. Mable Flowers, Mrs. Jennie Grubbs and Mrs. Pearl Parker) in Mrs. Grubbs’ home. Elected president and vice-president were Mrs. Grubbs and Mrs. Parker, respectively. Meetings were held twice a month in the homes of members. Each meeting opened with song, prayer, roll call, and the reading of the minutes of the previous meeting. The club membership grew rapidly. During the 1940’s and ‘50’s, membership was limited to 25 to accommodate members’ homes. Most of the women in the Elmer community, at one time or another, belonged to the club during its 34 active years. The last minutes were written on September 20, 1962. Some of the members moved away, some became ill or disabled, some died and so meetings were discontinued.

Those who acted as president were as follows: 1928- Jennie Grubbs, 1929-Pearl Parker, 1930-Mable Flowers, 1931-Eutopia Bailey, 1932-Mae Moore, 1933-Alma Elliott, 1934-Ada White, 1935-Millie Cochran, 1936- Daphne Howerton, 1937-Fay Poston, 1938-Daisy Blackledge, 1939-Esta Elliott, 1940-Bessie Meeks, 1941-Naomi Bailey, 1942-Theodosia Prentice, 1943-Mary Elizabeth Lehr, 1944-Nellie Spencer, 1945-Dorthy Green, 1946-Orpha Thomas, 1947-Della Hughes, 1948-Gladys Mock, 1949-Mabale Elliott, 1950-Ava Altman, 1951-Jennie Grubbs, 1952-Betty Williams, 1953-Mary Dunseith, 1954-Fern Mathis, 1955-Dorthy Green, 1956-Naomi Bailey, a957-Millie Cochran, 1958-Orpha Thomas, 1959-Ada Whiote, 1960-Millie Cochran, 1961-Patricia Knotts and 1962-Ruth Payton.

                                         Elmer Worthwhile Club, September 1951
FRONT ROW: L. to R.: Pearl Parker, Evelyn Allen, Gladys Mock, Jennie Grubbs.

CENTER ROW: Naomi Bailey, Della Hughes, Alma Elliott, Ada White, Bessie Meeks, Millie Cochran, Dosha Prentice, Mary Dunseith.

BACK ROW: Mae Moore, Mary E. Lehr, Dorthy Green, Orpha Thomas and unknown. The children are unidentified.

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