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Elmer's First School Bus

Elmer's First School Bus (I wonder who is getting into the bus?)

Jim Bergmann wrote: "I was lucky to ride to Elmer school 1st grade in a red panel van with wood bench seats and no backrest and no side windows.  The only drivers of that van during my years of riding it were first driver Johnny Griffin and later Travis Ward who also taught 3rd and 4th grade.   Travis  was my favorite driver because he hot rodded that old school van as fast as it would run over those hills and around the corners.  Loved that part."

Nelba (Thompson) Shockley adds: "I, too rode in this van to school when starting First Grade.  Bernice Mock was the driver (I think…if not, whoever the driver was told Bernice this story and he always teased me about it).  I was shy back then, ha, and when he would ask me what my name was, I would duck my head in shyness and say: "I ain't got NO NAME"!  Ever after, that is what Bernice called me any time he would see me.  He would say: "There is old No Name"!  Gotta love our Memories!"