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F.L. Mixon

Elmer’s popular young Druggist was born in this county, November 15, 1880.  His father, Dr. B.L. Mixon has been dead for several years, but his mother, Martha A. Mixon, is living and resides in La Plata, Missouri.  The subject of this sketch attended school in the common grades and at the Normal School in Kirksville.  Moving to Arkansas, he entered the Drug business of Dr. R.B. Pegnes & Son in Siloam Spring, as an employee of the age of 19 year.  When he left this firm, he went into the wholesale house of Myer Bros., St. Louis, the largest Drug House in the world. This was in 1903, but the following year, he engaged in business for himself at La Plata and continued one year after which he moved to a fruit farm in South Missouri, from which place he was again called to St. Louis and went to work for the Merrill Drug people.  But in 1907, he moved to Elmer and again engaged in the Drug business for himself where he has been ever since. 

He has had a splendid business since he has lived in Elmer, has doubled the drug stock and added Furniture to his ever growing trade so that now he occupies two large store rooms.  Mr. Mixon was married to Miss Stella Little, daughter of the Hon. W.S. Little and wife of La Plata during the year of 1905 and his bonnie, winsome bride is a most devoted wife and helper.  Mr. Mixon owns the largest drug house in the city and also a fine line of Furniture and if his business continues to grow in the future as it has in the past, he will doubtless double his stock again in as many years.  This young man is one of the heaviest advertisers in the city of Elmer and knows just how to set forth his claims to the public and backs up every word he says with the quality of goods and correct prices.  Is it any wonder that he has been successful,  The JOURNAL extends well wishes and continued prosperity during the coming years. 

(Reprinted from The Elmer Journal, 1909)