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 Elmer’s First Concert Band

The Elmer Concert Band was organized on August 26, 1907, with seven members, and after paying for the instruments individually, $1.50 was assessed each member to be paid monthly in advance to establish a teacher’s fund. Their first appearance in  public was at a box social which netted $67.90, the magnificent cake given by Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Hand bringing over $16. They now have 15 members and $79.35 in the treasury. Following is a roster of officers and members: J. W. Patterson, President; Henry Howerton, Vice-President; J. Green MacKenzie, Secretary; W. M. Agee, Treasurer; and Alfred Lynch, Librarian. Members include: Cornets, Cellus Hays, W. Griffith and Rochel Hughes; Tenors, Floyd Banning, Edgar Herring, Ben Davis; Baritone, snare: Tean Tate, base. Instructor, J. S.Fletcher, New Boston, Missouri.

Pictured below are: Front Row – L. to R.: Roy Patterson, Alfred Lynch, Teen Tate, Henry Howerton.  Back row – Edgar Herring, Will Agee, Zella Hays and J. Green McKenzie.