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(And a little info about Mercyville)

Great Bank Robbery of Elmer

August 19, 1922, Robbers early today entered the Exchange Bank, took $93 in money and stamps from the post office; unlocked the bank door, walked out, locked the door again and took the key with them.

The robbers gained an entrance to the post office through the rear door and rifled the place, turning eveyrthing topsy-turvy, apparently in a search for registered mail.  Ninety three dollars in stamps and money was missing in the checkup after the theft was discovered. 

The robbers are believed to have entered the bank through a window.  The timelock on the vault door was badly battered with a slidge hammer or other heavy instrument.  A quantity of "dope" or "soup" such as is used to blow safe doors was left in the bank by the robbers.

A quantity of liberty bonds was among the valuables kept in the vault.

The theft at the post office and the attempted theft at the bank were discovered about 7 o'clock Saturday morning by employees of the institutions.

Author's note: At that time, the post office and the bank were located in the same building, the post office facing the street and the bank occupying the rear of the building.

(Reprinted from The Elmer JOURNAL, August 25 edition, 1922)