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Gunnels School

Gunnels School District was located in Walnut Creek Township. The origination date of the school is not known, but it was in operation in 1882 when The La Plata Home Press reported that the building was destroyed by fire.

The school did more than just teach reading, writing and arithmetic. It regularly held a "literary" (a book review/discussion) during the evening where anyone in the community was welcome. In 1901, the school also formed a debating society, which met biweekly.

Teachers at the school included:

    Miss Minnie Gunnels           1897

    Miss Myrtle Patterson          1899

    Mr. Herbert Patterson         1900

    Miss Myrtle Patterson          1901

    Miss Pearl Wright                 1902

    Miss Rowena Jones              1903

The school was consolidated with the Elmer district in 1904. Click here to see the 1904 article regarding the vote to consolidate with Elmer and Mercyville schools.

(And a little info about Mercyville)