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Mr. and Mrs. Henry Moore

(reprinted from Elmer Centennial, 1987)

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Moore, retired cooks for the Hanlin Supply Company, owned and operated by the Santa Fe, cooked for 46 track laborers on an extra gang for four years. Mr. Moore served as the clerk of the camps commissary while Mrs. Moore prepared and served meals to all the workers in the camp.

An invoice was taken each month by Mr. Moore and an audit was done to check stock in the little store.  The stock included: men's work clothes of all descriptions, candy, tobacco, combs, hairdressing, and everything else a man would need while working on the railroad.

While working on the Santa Fe, the Moores worked on the Missouri Division from Kansas City to Fort Madison, Iowa. Both spent a year in the Shopton area on the side tracks beside the Mississippi River. Each 15 days, Mr.Moore received a paycheck containing full payment of forty cents an hour for each hour he worked during a ten hour day.

The Moores are looking forward to their six children, eleven grandchildren, six great grandchildren and their many friends and relatives to help celebrate their Golden Wedding Anniversary with an open house on October 17, 1976.  Mrs. Hazel Moore is the daughter of Mrs. Ola Ratliff.  The Moore's children are Alice Ruth, Dean, Raymond, Howard, Juanita, and Wanda Mae

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