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We welcome your memories about life in Elmer.  Just send a note to and we'll add your memory at our earliest convenience.  Please remember to include your name. And thanks for visiting our site.

Halloween Memories, submitted by Nelba (Thompson) Shockley 
A Poem, dedicated to Mrs. Wanda Cain, by Adella Smith
      Eugene Johnson interviews Mr. Newton Haney, lifelong resident of Elmer, 1987
Mercyville Memories, by Eutopis Bailey
Herb Perry Remembers
Remember When, by Louisa (Epperson) Buster
Fishing with Uncle Fred, by Larry Smith
William and Martha Haxton Family, by Edythe Haxton Wilson
Remembering, by Donna Nance McCullough
I Had Five Grandmas, submitted by John Mathis
Diamond School and Elmer's First School Bus (Van), submitted by                                                           Jim Bergmann and supplimented by Nelba (Thompson) Shockley
More memories from Nelba
Family Recollections by Mrs. Bertha E. Sinclair

(And a little info about Mercyville)