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R. D. White

(Reprinted from The Elmer Journal, 1909)

We know of no one who we think can repair a watch or clock more skillfully then R. D. White of Elmer, Missouri.  He is thoroughly completed along this line and carries a nice line of Watches and Jewelry of all kinds.  Mr. White married an Elmer girl and they have two children to grace their home.  Mrs. White was formerly Miss Banning and is a most excellent lady.  He formerly lived at Bucklin but now claims Elmer as his home.  In season he is a devoted discipline of Old Ike Walton and is fond of piscatorial sport, but never lets it interfere with his regular business.  

Mr. White is well posted on the leading topics of the day and is very firm in his belief, but not unreasonable, believes in home trade and home progress, and his ideas on this question are as sound as a nut.  In addition to his Jewelry business, he also carries the only line of Undertaking goods in the city and attends to all such demands with dispatch and neatness.  Elmer needs many more just such men as Ralph White, men who are not afraid to say and do things that will promote the growth of the town, giving it the uphill turn and boosting until it gets on the top.  Every town needs such citizens to keep the cogs from slipping.  If you need anything in White's line, don't fail to see him as he makes his word good every day in the week and understands his business from A to Z.