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 Mr. Rado Almond

​(reprinted from Elmer Centennial, 1987)​

"I've been working on the railroad," is a line that was probably sung at one time by Mr. Eddie Rado Almond.  Mr. Almond began work on the section gang on the Santa Fe Raidroad at the age of 17 in 1925.  In all of his years on the railroad, Mr. Almond was fortunate to remain in the Elmer community near his home and family.

One of his prized possessions is a certificate for thirty-two years of service on the railroad, which was presented to him at his retirement on December 16, 1959.

The Almond family lived in Mercyville, where some of their children were born. Mrs. Almond commented that she spent almost thirty-two years sending children to school in Elmer. They have two boys and four girls, twenty-two grandchildren, and three great grandchildren.  At present they have seven grandchildren in school at Elmer.  They include: Debby and Wanda Rhoades, Janet, Tommy and Gary Easley, Sharon and Ronald Newberry.