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The original building built in 1904

Special Notice in the History of Macon County

(Reprinted from the History of Macon County, 1910)

One of the most interesting educational enterprises in Macon county is the consolidated high school at Elmer. This splendid building was completed in 1905. It was the first and is yet the only consolidated school in this section of the state. It was constructed to serve the three districts of Elmer, Mercyville and Gunnels. Since its erection Elmer and Mercwille have been incorporated into one town known as Elmer. Including a two-years' high school course, the school has ten grades and is doing work in all of them. Prof. A. F. Smith was
the first principal. The present faculty is as follows :

 - J. W. Finnell, principal ; 
 - Lizzie Parry,  
 - Ethel Shumaker and  
 - Ora J. Epperson, teachers. 

The consolidated school building contains 6 rooms, is heated by steam, and well ventilated. It is built substantially of brick and makes a handsome appearance..