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Remember When by Louisa (Epperson) Buster

(reprinted from Elmer Centennial, 1987)

The (following) names I remember from the time we moved back to the Elmer area in the Spring of 1916. Those who lived in town at that time or a year later when I started school in Elmer in 1917 were, C.O. Drake who lived on the street east of where the old store building was. The store was moved across the street and remained in business for many years. The old store was eventually torn down and a filling station put on that corner. I remember Tom Meeks, William Galyen but don’t remember where they lived. The Conleys, Lee Hunsaker and George Williams lived across the tracks. G. Williams lived in a red brick house that sat on the corner where the P. O. is now. It was considered a fine house in those days. I used to go there with Mayme Williams, their granddaughter (daughter of Harve Williams). They lived on a farm southeast of Elmer.

We later moved to Mercyville. Dan Miller was the son-in-law of George Williams, John and Sherman Epperson (my uncle) lived south and east of Elmer where Herbert Epperson now lives (or near there). Sam Griffith lived south of Elmer just east of the Ira Franks place. Ben French lived south of Elmer in what is now the Letha Greenstreet place. Later Ernest Bunch lived there. Cleve Carter was the brother of Henry Carter, who lives south of Elmer. The Carters formerly lived northeast of Elmer. Also living to the northeast at that time were the Magers and Sewards, living west of Elmer were Boy Miller, Howard Henderson, Harry Prentice, Dan Doner, Fred Goff, Bill Redman, Earl Koger, B.C. Bailey and Fred Burns, but in different areas.  I remember seeing Tom Robinson and the Osbornes, but don’t remember where they lived.

(And a little info about Mercyville)