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Remembering, by Donna Nance McCullough, 1987

The first house I lived in, near Elmer, was at the top of Mercyville Hill, at the Y taking the right hand road, on the old ridge road where the Hawkins live now. Grandad Green lived there and Mom brought me home there as I was sick. Grandad Green worked for the I & St. L railroad. This was in 1930. When Mom married Elza Mattticks, we lived close to the school house next to Pruett’s house. He was a hard of hearing man who had a hearing horn that you talked in so he could hear you. This was in 1934. I was seven and had the whooping cough there.

One place that  stands out in my mind is when we lived in Happy Hollow. Bill Rhoades and Ernest Rhoades lived in part of this house and we lived in one room. This house is located at the top of the hill and over to the left. Bernice Mock lived there for years after we live there. We also rented the house at the top of the hill after Mom married Donald Dale. Mrs. Millner owned this house. We also lived in the house across from the Baptist church. Then Donald bought the little house next to the Millner house, where he dug a basement. We carried water from Bernice Mock’s house. This is where Donald passed away. Red and I got married in January of 1946 and we lived in the house across from the Baptist Church, renting only two rooms of this house. Later we rented the house across the tracks from the school. It’s no longer there. We then went on construction work and never returned to Elmer much to my sorrow. I feel that Elmer is my home.

(And a little info about Mercyville)