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Steele School

It is not known precisely when this school became operational, but it was in session in 1896 when The Macon Republican reported that Miss. Maggie Hockensmith, a teacher at the school attended the annual Macon County Teacher's Institute in Bevier. Steel School District was located in Independence Township northwest of Atlanta. The teacher in 1903 was Callie Epperson. Steele School held classes until 1933. It transported its students from 1933-1935, held classes from 1935-1937, transported from 1937-1946 and reopened again in 1946. It continued operation until it annexed to Atlanta on May 6, 1957. Mrs. Katherine Epperson was the last teacher.

Steele  School had nine pupils enrolled for the a955-56 school year. They are, left to right: Myrna Morris, Beverly Wiggans, Judy Gilli, Robert Epperson, Garry Danner, Joyce Danner, Clara Downey, Nathan Harrington and Ronald Gilliland. The teacher, Mrs. Katherine Epperson, is seted at the desk, center. .