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T.L. Freed

(Reprinted from The Elmer Journal, 1909)

Surely a man must wear well when he can remain in town as long as he has stayed in Elmer and run the only Hardware store in the town. Mr. Freed's record as a business man tells the story of his active, energetic business life. He followed the railway business for a number of years, but seeing that the man who works for a monthly stipend can never rise in the financial world, he cut loose from the business and put his small capital into hardware, that was the turn in the tide for him and he has been on his feet financially every since and is there to stay as his large, well arranged store building chock full of Hardware, Buggies and implements show.

T.L. Freed is one of those courteous, genial fellows thatmakes friends and holds them and that is largely the keynote of his unusually successful business career. Freed is liberal and not afraid to invest money for the public's welfare. He wants to see the town grow and his shoulder is ever at the wheel to push when anything hangs fire. Elmer is pushing ahead and other towns are sitting up and taking notice and T.L. Freed is one who is helping to do the good work. Freed and Freed's Hardware are synonymous of correct methods in business as his wide circle of friends testify. Mr. Freed has a well appointed home in this city and a most excellent wife to reside over it, and in the language of the immortal "Rip", we wish him health, wealth and prosperity. He is worthy of it.