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 T.W. McDavitt

(Reprinted from The Elmer Journal, 1909)

Thos. W. McDavvitt, Elmer’s genial postmaster and merchant enjoys the distinction of being one of the most traveled young men in Macon county and in addition to this is one of our whole souled citizens tho believes in Elmer’s future.  Mr. McDavitt was born November 27, 1871, and is now in the prime of life and looks it to the dotting of an I or the crossing of a t.  He is a two year graduate of the State Normal at Kirksville and has taught in the public schools of this state.  In the year of 1891, he decided to engage in mercantile pursuits and in accordance with the name of Attebery and McDavitt. In 1896, he commenced work for a Potrait company and continued his work for 5 years during which time he was advanced to the responsible position of manager for the State of New Jersey.  While in this work, he visited all the principal cities of the United States and traveled in Mexico and Canada, but in 1902, he again entered the mercantile business under the firm name of McDavitt Bros., general merchandise, the following year receiving the appointment of Postmaster of the town of his choice, having held the office continuously ever since.  He remained in business until 1908, then dropped out until the present year when he again took up the work and at present is actively engaged in selling dry goods, notions, shoes and groceries.  

Tom McDavitt is a first class man in every respect and has a strong following in Macon county who wish hem well in everything he undertakes.  He is an ideal postmaster and is criticized as little as any postmaster we ever knew.  Everything in Uncle Sam’s office in Elmer is run according to the spirit of the law and when the inspector drops in, it’s an easy job awaiting him.  We know but little about him as a merchant, but know that if this business is carried on with the same fidelity to duty as the post office is, he is a model merchant.  He is another one of our big hearted public spirited men that wants to see things to and his vote is always on the side of progress.  You may set that down six days in the week and Sunday too for that matter, being such a man, of course, his council is good in public affairs.  Mr. McDavitt was married September 27, 1903 to Miss Elizabeth Surbeck, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Surbeck of near Elmer and in winning this amiable young lady for his wife, he made no mistake as she is indeed a companion for his joys or his sorrows in the truest and best sense of the term.