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(And a little info about Mercyville)

William and Martha Haxton Family (submitted by Edythe Haxton Wilson, 1987)

My parents, William and Martha Haxton, purchased the original farm of Henry Bunch which had been deeded to him in 1843, by the government under President Tyler. They moved to Elmer along with their daughter Beulah, then just two, from Iowa. To make this move, they rented a railroad car for their stock and furniture.

The Bunch School was on our farm a short ways from home, and from this little school, we three children received our eight years of schooling. Beulah and I went to Elmer High School and Dan went to Atlanta.

The farm was sold to Kennith DeSpain after my fathers death in 1938. Mother worked as a cook on the Santa Fe Bridge Gang until she was 70 and then came to live with Beulah and me. She died in 1979 at the age of 103.

I married Leonard Cook, and in 1931, we moved to Ridgway, Colorado, where he was the rural mail carrier until his death in 1972. We had two children, Leslie and Wanda. In 1975, I married Duane Wilson, and became a rancher’s wife. We later moved to Montrose to a small ten acre farm where we keep our horses, and rent pasture for our cattle. Ridgway and Montrose are beautiful towns because they are surrounded by majestic mountains, but Elmer will always be home. I loved living there.

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